Join us for the launch of WE WERE WITCHES by Ariel Gore

Magic spells and inverted fairy tales combat queer scapegoating, domestic violence, and high-interest student loans in We Were Witches by Ariel Gore

Sept 9 – Santa Fe – Collected Works – 6 pm
with Miriam Sagan
Sept 11 – Seattle – Elliot Bay – 7 pm
Sept 12 – Portland – Powell’s on Burnside – 7:30 pm
Sept 14 – New York – Bluestockings – 7 pm
Sept 15 – Brooklyn – Powerhouse Arena – 7 pm
with Katherine Arnoldi & Mutha Magazine
Sept 25 – Minneapolis – Moon Palace Books – 7 pm
Sept 26 – Iowa City – Prairie Lights – 7 pm
Oct 6 – Albuquerque – Book Works – 6 pm
ABQ Zine Fest Feature with Tomas Moniz
Oct 8 – Santa Fe – Op.Cit Books – 2 pm
with Barbara Robidoux & Tomas Moniz
Oct 21 – Baltimore – Atomic Books – 7 pm
We Were Witches is available for pre-order from your local independent bookstore

The End of Eve wins New Mexico – Arizona Book Award

Ariel Gore’s darkly comic memoir, The End of Eve, just won a 2014 New Mexico – Arizona book award. You can get a signed copy right here. $16.95. FREE SHIPPING.

“It turns out that both life and art are balancing acts. In one as in the other, Gore seems to be saying that even as we acknowledge past traumas, we cannot let those wounds dictate our actions in the present. The End of Eve is a product of bravery, love, and hard-won wisdom. In sharing it, Ariel Gore invites her reader to bask in the light she has found.” —Los Angeles Review of Books