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New online writing class in August – CLASS FULL

Saturday, June 19th, 2010


A new session of Lit Star Training, the online writing workshop, starts August 1st. The session runs 8 weeks — August 1st to September 26th — and costs the usual $275.

Scroll down for writers’ comments about the workshop. And feel free to email me with questions.

A $90 deposit saves your spot (register early, because it often fills up):



Ariel Gore is a fabulous workshop facilitator; I’ve been taking classes from her since 2001. In each of the workshops, she brings together a diverse group of writers with varying degrees of competency; and, whether the writer is seasoned or a beginner, she understands exactly where each person is coming from and she meets them there. Not only did I find my unique voice, I learned how to be a thoughtful listener and how to provide insightful critique. I would recommend her workshops to anyone interested in memoir and the art of a good story.

—Lani Jo Leigh


Ariel’s workshops jumpstarted my psyche. I’m back into looking at the world as a writer instead of as a would-be writer. I have her to thank for that. Workshops are almost at your own pace. Always encouraging. She has a knack for assembling a great group of writers together every time.

—Margaret Elysia Garcia


Ariel Gore’s writing workshop pushed me past the borders of my creativity and into an exciting unknown place of writing within myself. If you’ve ever put to pen to paper and wondered what you were really capable of Ariel’s workshop will take you there.

—Gabriel Rivera


I throughly enjoy Ariel’s workshops. Writers from a variety of backgrounds gather together, bringing in work with all kinds of themes, and as each piece is workshopped, Ariel’s ear for the crucial aspects of great storytelling kicks right in. Her feedback is thoughtful, insightful, precise, and multilayered.

—Bonnie Ditlevsen


When I started writing with Ariel I had zero idea how to write for audience. In work shopping with her, I have found my voice and with practice have found different ways to formulate story. I have learned how to incorporate dialogue and am so much more confident with my work. I recommend this work shop to all aspiring, practicing, and practiced writers.

—Krystee Sidwell

More cool stuff

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

More cool stuff–including chakra-opening body sprays–just up at my new magic shop website

Does change keep us young, or just stress us out?

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

New blog at Psychology Today

Spiritual Baths, Oils, and Candles

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

So – yes! – In Santa Fe with the magic candle shop.

Gallina Magica original spiritual supplies are now available online exclusively from Seven Sisters Candle Shop. Our products are handmade in Santa Fe, New Mexico from organic and wildcrafted herbs and essential oils.

Spiritual Baths

Draw yourself a bath and pour in a dash or a half bottle…

Erzili Freda’s Visionary Love Bath – Baño de Amor Visionario de Erzli Freda
Made with spring water, rose water, pure castile soap, roses, lavender, damiana leaf, and rose and orange essential oils. 8 oz.
$7 + shipping

“Money flows naturally and easily into my life” Prosperity Bath

“El dinero fluye naturalmente en mi vida” Baño de Prosperidad

Made with spring water, pure castile soap, fresh basil, and sweet basil and tangerine essential oils. 8 oz. bath.
$7 + shipping

New Life Cleansing Bath

Baño de Limpia y Despojo

Made with spring water, Pacific sea salt, fresh sage, and essential oils. 8 oz. bath.
$7 + shipping

Mother Courage & Court Case Victory Bath

Corage de Madre Baño de Victoria en las Cortes
Made with spring water, pure castile soap, John the Conqueror, sage, red raspberry leaf, and essential oils. 8 oz. bath.
$7 + shipping

Spiritual Oils and Mists

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Road Opener – Abre Camino
Made with fresh ginger, lemon balm oil, and pure coconut butter.

Road Opener – Abre Camino – 1/2 oz. anointing oil
$8 +  shipping

Road Opener – Abre Camino – 4 oz. spritzer mist
$7 +  shipping

Prosperity – Prosperidad
Made with Bergamot and Ylang Ylang essential oils

Prosperity – Prosperidad – 1/2 oz. anointing oil
$8 + shipping

Prosperity – Prosperidad – 4 oz. mist
$7 + shipping

Cleo May’s Attraction Oil – Atraccion Cleo May
Made according to Cleo May’s traditional recipe with rose, orange, and cinnamon

Cleo May’s Attraction – 1/2 oz. anointing oil

$8 + shipping

Cleo May’s Attraction – 4 oz. spritzer mist
$7 + shipping

Double Action Protection – Proteccion Doble Accion
Made with traditional protection oils – rosemary and sage – and additional herbs to reverse the effects of the Evil Eye or hexes already sent.

Double Action Protection – 1/2 oz. anointing oil
$8 + shipping

Proteccion Doble Accion – 4 oz. spritzer mist
$8 + shipping

Dressed Seven-Day Candles

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Seven Sisters: Escape Danger to Bring Light
In honor of the seven sisters of Loretto who made the rugged journey to Santa Fe to open the state’s first schools and build the Our Lady of Light cathedral – with the help of a mysterious builder — some say St. Joseph himself – and in honor of the Native American and Greek sisters who escaped danger to become the Pleadies, and in honor of the Seven Voodoo Sister of New Orleans, light this candle when you need to accelerate through danger to bring light to the world.

$4.95 + shipping

Love Drawing / Atrae Amor
Light this candle in honor of Erzili Freda and to open your heart and draw love.
$4.95 + shipping

Marie Laveau
Turn to Marie Laveau for courage, healing, and spiritual power.
$4.95 + shipping

Road Opener – Abre Camino
Open the ROAD, yo!
$4.95 + shipping

Thinking of Henry

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Thinking of Henry Granju today. And his mother, longtime Hip Mama Katie Allison Granju.

Thinking of the violence of life, and the hard, and how Katie has been so honest about her boy’s fight for his life. And brave.

Here is a tribute at Literary Mama.