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Portland Queer Stepping Up

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

A couple of beautiful Portland Queer contributors with “It Gets Better…”

Gabrielle Rivera


Lois Leveen

True Love Comes to Seven Sisters

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

For the last 8 years Kathe Izzo has been traveling all over the Western World with her True Love Project (, She promises to fall in love with the world “one person at a time, for one day, hour, or afternoon…”

On Saturday evening, she’ll be right here in Santa Fe for a reading at discussion at Seven Sisters. Join us!

Here’s what people are saying about the Love Artist:

The question that your visit evoked was “what does love mean to me?” And I have held it with me like a new toy. I have carried it in my pocket & peeked at it in the fleeting moments of solitude while on the job, at home, waiting to meet someone. Sometimes at night before sleeping, I tucked it under my pillow & mused on the possibilities. I have been learning to love myself…

—C.E., Boston

Unexpectedly touching… Such strong, detached devotion made me feel small like a kid, cause this is the way god and Santa loves, invisible and always.
—Michelle Tea

Kathe makes intensely private work that lets the world walk around in it . . . it’s oddly heavy and comic
—Eileen Myles

Come and see the love artist!


Saturday October 9
8 pm

a reading & discussion with The Love Artist
$5 suggested donation

Seven Sisters Candle Shop
1807 Second Street #32
Santa Fe


House Cleansing

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Lots of folks have been coming into the shop looking for home-cleansing rituals–to get rid of negative energy and start fresh.

Here’s one we like.

All magic begins with a clean house. Please read the ritual through before you begin.

You will need:

• One or more cleansing herbs such as rosemary or nettle (for cleansing and protection), basil (for family protection and to drive away evil), rue (especially if you’ve been jinxed, crossed, or affected by the Evil Eye), thyme (particularly if you’ve had trouble with a jealous person), star anise or a cinnamon stick (good for cleansing and protection, but also to draw love, money, and luck).

• Vinegar

• Protection oil

• A small black candle

• Salt

• Sage smudge stick or Palo Santo

• New broom

• Spray bottle

• A talisman of protection such as an image of St. Michael, Our Lady of Guadalupe, a horseshoe, the Eye of Horus, a cinnamon broom, or an image of a deer or a snake.

• Floor space, a dresser-top, or another area of your home designated as your altar.

• Blue and white 7-day house-blessing candle or a 7-color “limpia” candle.

• Yerba Santa, Yerba Buena (peppermint), or protection incense.

Before your house cleansing, spend a few days getting the place in order, finishing the laundry and the dishes, and clearing away clutter.

The night before your cleansing ritual, prepare a wash by pouring two cups of boiling water over your cleansing herbs. Add a tablespoon of salt and let the wash steep as it cools. Once it has cooled, strain the herbs, and add a cup of white vinegar. Store, covered, in a cool place. Put a small pile of salt in each of the corners of each room and allow it to sit overnight.

When it’s time to begin the house-cleansing, anoint yourself with protection oil. With all the doors and windows closed, light your sage smudge stick or Palo Santo and -smoke all the rooms in the house. Now light your black candle and speak directly to any negative energy in the house, telling it to get the hell out as you open all the windows and doors

Sweep all the rooms of your house (sweeping the salt from the corners as well).
Dilute your wash with enough water to mop your floors and wipe down your counters and surfaces (you may want to use a spray bottle).

If you’ve been troubled by a ghost or haunt, rearrange the furniture.

Now place your talisman of protection over the front door and speak aloud about the kind of life you want to live in your home as you light your white and blue house-blessing candle or 7-color limpia candle on your altar. Light your yerba santa, yerba buena, or protection incense and thank the spirits for their help.

Finally, take the mess from your cleansing (any sweepings, the salt, dirty rags, black wax, or left-over wash water) and dispose of it someplace away from your property or apartment building. Come home by different route and don’t look back.