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Online writing class starts Sept. 1st

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Lit Star Training
The 8-Week Class Starts September 1st

Taught by Ariel Gore

Fall session runs September 1st – October 21

This class is your creative jolt to start the new year — for new and experienced writers wanting to work on either memoir or fiction — we’ll make time to write, create new material with weekly deadlines, and improve our craft with practice and critique. Appropriate for writers working on longer projects as well as those who want to write to weekly assignments and produce short essays and stories. The pace is quick and energizing–you won’t even have time to worry about creative blocks.

Class consists of online discussion/critique. Class size is limited, so please sign up early. $275

$90 deposit saves your spot – balance due when class starts

Ariel’s workshops jumpstarted my psyche. I’m back into looking at the world as a writer instead of as a would-be writer. I have her to thank for that. Workshops are almost at your own pace. Always encouraging. She has a knack for assembling a great group of writers together every time.

—Margaret Elysia Garcia

stop thinking, start writing… new class with inga muscio

Monday, June 11th, 2012

New Summer Class With Inga Muscio

Inga Muscio–author of Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil, and Rose: Love in Violent Times–returns to The Literary Kitchen for another exclusive online class.

July 21st – September 9th
A Study in Decerebralization
Stop Thinking, Start Writing
With Inga Muscio

Thinking is nice. I think we can all agree that thinking is an important part of writing. To write from your heart, however, a lot of the thinking business has to be set aside. How to achieve this when everything we have learned about writing involves thinking? This thinking business also eventually gives you false expectations that you and your writing can probably never live up to.

For everyone who can churn out reportage, no problemo, but struggles with just letting go and belting out some genius from your heart and soul, for everyone with a mean-spirited bitch of an inner editor, for everyone with a so many truckloads of memories that you constantly set aside until they gridlock the byways of your heart, our Study in Decerebralization if for you.

This class will involve a significant number of highly creative writing assignments, but there will also be a big focus on having delirious fun writing and on learning to view your “non-writing” time as a vital part of your creative process.


Most of the writing assignments will require pen and paper. Some of them you will have to mail in to Inga, with no editing allowed.

Class size is strictly limited, so please sign up early

$275 for the 8-week online class

An $80 deposit saves your spot. Balance due just before the class starts.