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I knew Ariel had the right pair of editor glasses–that’s why I sought her out like a pilgrim. So many of the things she said made me go, PING!

–Susie Bright, author of Full Exposure and other books

I offer manuscript consultation and editing for serious writers who are ready to take their craft to the next level or prepare their work for publication.

Book editing and consultation includes extensive on-the-manuscript notes, a three-page editorial letter, and phone consultation. We consider the arc of the book, the authenticity and consistency of the voice, the overall structure and chapter-by-chapter breakdown, and the impact of each paragraph. What is essential to your story?

One of my first writing teachers, Floyd Salas, said, “All considerations of language, of ideas, of symbols and metaphors serve only one function: to convey the soul of a living being to the soul of other living beings and in that process break us out of our isolation and loneliness and put us in touch with the universal spirit.”

Has your writing succeeded in putting us in touch with the universal spirit?

Let’s get to editing.

* * *

I couldn’t have written the book I wanted to without Ariel’s remarkable editing skills. She was able to see where I wanted to go and give me the steps I needed to get there. She answered all my questions directly and honestly. Her knowledge of structure, style, and tone helped me polish and refine my manuscript and get it to a place where I felt confident about publishing.

–Rob Freedman, author of Fancypants

Ariel has a poetic heart that’s hard to find in today’s society. She sees the unique essence of what you are striving toward.  I had my first book published this year, an anthology of 16 years of my zine. Ariel was a mentor, literary coach, believer, encourager, and editor. First, she went through all the  original zines and gave me feedback about what should go in the book. Then, she helped edit and update the essays. Finally, she went over the 300-page manuscript with me before I sent it to the publisher, making cuts and shaping it with with an eye to the big picture. Her help was invaluable to me. I have worked with lots of editors over the years and no one has the skill that Ariel does. A good editor can make a world of difference to your work; Ariel can clean up a wild and wooly piece.

–China Martens, author of The Future Generation

*  *  *

Email Ariel if you’d like to discuss your project.

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