Papergirl flow

I fold newspapers in the still dark morning. I fold them in three and snap a rubber band around the … More

gnash your terrible teeth

Maurice Sendak is cracking me up. from Amy Graff at sfgate:Maurice Sendak tells parents to go to hell This Friday, … More

Big Red

I am sad this morning because my Gammie Evelyn died. Here’s a picture from when she came to Portland last … More

Maia & Max

Just back from L.A. & other lucky adventures — got Maia settled (or something like it) in her new digs. … More

Max in the newspaper!

Well, they have some funny ads, and on the website they run a lot of the sentences together, but you … More

your instructions

In 2008, vow to be more creativeAnd less work-a-day. * * * It was coming ‘round time for the annual … More

pregnant dream

The baby is born and immediately he insists on make up and nail polish. He can talk, I think. Or … More