Oakland Queer: Call for Submissions

August 16th, 2014 by Ariel







Oakland Queer: An Anthology edited by Ariel Gore


Call for submissions


In the tradition of the LAMBDA Award-winning anthology Portland Queer: Tales Of The Rose City, emerges a new anthology to celebrate queer Oakland. We’re seeking character-driven, first person queer narratives set in Oakland, California.


Stories may be fiction or memoir or hybrid, set in any decade, but should have a clear Oakland connection — neighborhood-centric stories especially appreciated – growing up in Oakland, adventures in queer Oakland, moving to Oakland, raising kids in Oakland, work, art, falling in and out of love, finding and losing home, punk houses, band shows, regular urban life. What is your Oakland queer story?


Submission Deadline February 1, 2015


Please send submissions to arielgoremedia@gmail.com or to:

Ariel Gore / Hip Mama

P.O. Box 3555

Berkeley, CA, 94703



Fall and winter writing classes

July 15th, 2014 by Ariel

All of Ariel’s fall online creative writing classes & the winter break intensive are open for registration right here: literarykitchen.com

If you have questions, please email arielgoremedia at gmail.

Tiny House For Sale

May 25th, 2014 by Ariel

The  tiny house is on its way to its new home in Madison, Wisconsin. I miss it so!


More pictures right here.

Beautiful cedar-chingled home on 24-foot-trailer

Hip Mama Cover Censored

April 23rd, 2014 by Ariel











Issue #55 of Hip Mama magazine was on the verge of going to press when editor/publisher, Ariel Gore, posted the issue’s cover to her Facebook page. It pictures a woman in partial superhero costume breastfeeding her child and the tag line “No Supermoms Here.”

Social media users cheered the stunning self-portrait by Barcelona-based artist Ana Alvarez-Erreclade. The cover, designed by Hip Mama art director Maia Swift, was shared over a hundred times in less than 24 hours. But when some vendors got wind of the planned cover, they said they wouldn’t carry the image on their newsstands. Facebook censors soon joined in and began pulling the image from timelines. Complaints ranged from “nudity” to “open breastfeeding” to concerns about the age of the breastfeeding child (he’s four).

Photographer and subject Ana Alvarez-Erreclade suggested adding a red censorship dot to the cover, ironically drawing even more attention to the offending breasts.

Editor/publisher Ariel Gore refused to pull the cover or add the censor dot to all editions of the magazine, but contributors and editors agreed that a separate “newsstand edition” with the dot was better than suppression of the issue.

At press time, we have no idea whether vendors will carry the “newsstand edition” of Hip Mama.

In the updated issue of Hip Mama, Ana Alvarez-Errecalde responds to the controversy saying, in part, “Violence towards women begins with the repression of sexuality, the appropriation of childbirth, the interference with all vital cycles and the creation of manipulative roles. A negated mother will also negate her body and her presence to her children, so they will all ultimately conform to our unattended, unloved, and unnourished society.”

As Ana points out in the updated interview, right now this is about an image of an artist breastfeeding on the cover of a magazine, but moms face this everyday when we try to feed our children in restaurants or on airplanes or in other public places–we are asked to go into seclusion to feed our kids. This, while truly offensive sexist images are in our face daily in the name of “sex sells” and deeply disturbing and exploitative images of violence go unchecked in news media, marketing campaigns, and on social media.

To support Hip Mama and the uncensored artistic image we chose for the cover, subscribe to the magazine or order a single uncensored copy online: http://hipmamazine.com/subscribe

The magazine will be released on Mother’s Day.

SUBSCRIBE – $20 for 4 issues beginning with the UNCENSORED Spidey Mama Mother’s Day issue


Portland Writing Intensive in May

April 6th, 2014 by Ariel

Portland Writing Intensive with Ariel Gore

Ariel is teaching her first in-person workshop in ages… and it’s in Portland, Oregon…

May 18 – 21, 4 to 7 pm

Four afternoons of inspiration, writing, feedback, food.
We feed you a light dinner so you don’t have to think about anything but your words.
Location to be revealed.
Class size strictly limited, so please sign up early.

The End of Eve

February 24th, 2014 by Ariel

My new memoir is out March 1 from Hawthorne Books. I hope you like it.


So many events! See you soon!

January 18th, 2014 by Ariel

Spring online writing classes with Moe Bowstern & Ariel Gore

January 17th, 2014 by Ariel

I was at a loss after finishing my MFA program… But after eight years of infrequent publishing and no time to write, I found an alternative that works for me. Three years ago I hooked up with Ariel Gore’s online Literary Kitchen workshops and finally found a group that was the right fit for me: writers not full of privilege (and themselves) who offer honest criticism and support at the same time, and whose work I truly enjoy reading. And that infrequent publishing? It’s not so infrequent anymore.

—Margaret Garcia, Poets & Writers

* * *

Tell Me a Story….Then Write it Down

Draw from the art of oral storytelling to enhance your written work / Learn to perform your stories with ease at public readings.

Taught by Moe Bowstern

March 3 – April 21

Right here online in the Literary Kitchen! Moe rarely teaches online. This is a great opportunity.

Jazz up your storytelling by taking this 8-week course with Moe Bowstern, longtime Fisher Poet, editor of Xtra Tuf zine and story developer for various puppet show extravaganzas, most recently Paper Eclipse Puppet Company.

We’ll spend the weeks heading into spring honing the vernacular language of oral storytelling, with the goal of transforming told tales into written stories while preserving the vitality of the storyteller’s art.

With quick writes and regular assignments, Moe will help you find your voice and the truth of your story.

For those interested, we’ll also devote class time to taking the developed work from the written page onto the stage for performance.

You can read and listen to Moe Bowstern’s stories right here: http://www.inthetote.com/moe-bowstern.html

The cost for the 8-week class is $275. A $75 deposit holds your spot. Sign up early as class-size in strictly limited!

“The honest story, the true story (fact or fiction) is a gift offered. It’s a hand held out. ‘Hello, this is who I am, you and I both live here.‘ I like the way Moe holds her hand out, and I like her voice. It’s quiet, kind and funny, and it rings true. And the stories she tells take me to the damndest places! This world she and I and you live in, it’s always bigger and weirder than we could possibly know if we didn’t have our story-tellers.”

–Ursula K. LeGuin


* * *

Lit Star Training

The Original Literary Kitchen Online Writing Workshop

Taught by Ariel Gore

April 12 – June 10



A new session of Lit Star Training — the 8-week+ writing course taught by Ariel Gore — starts April 12th. Writers in Lit Star Training spend at least a few hours each week on their writing and online critiques. You can log in any time of the day or night. Writers in the group are new and seasoned, wanting to work on memoir or fiction. The class works as well for those writing to weekly assignments (with no big projects in mind) and for people who are starting or working on existing book projects.

The class is $285 — a $90 deposit will hold your spot. You can pay the deposit right here:


* * *

Ariel Gore is a fabulous workshop facilitator; I’ve been taking classes from her since 2001. In each of the workshops, she brings together a diverse group of writers with varying degrees of competency; and, whether the writer is seasoned or a beginner, she understands exactly where each person is coming from and she meets them there. Not only did I find my unique voice, I learned how to be a thoughtful listener and how to provide insightful critique. I would recommend her workshops to anyone interested in memoir and the art of a good story.

—Lani Jo Leigh


Ariel’s workshops jumpstarted my psyche. I’m back into looking at the world as a writer instead of as a would-be writer. I have her to thank for that. Workshops are almost at your own pace. Always encouraging. She has a knack for assembling a great group of writers together every time.

—Margaret Elysia Garcia


Ariel Gore’s writing workshop pushed me past the borders of my creativity and into an exciting unknown place of writing within myself. If you’ve ever put to pen to paper and wondered what you were really capable of Ariel’s workshop will take you there.

—Gabrielle Rivera


I thoroughly enjoy Ariel’s workshops. Writers from a variety of backgrounds gather together, bringing in work with all kinds of themes, and as each piece is workshopped, Ariel’s ear for the crucial aspects of great storytelling kicks right in. Her feedback is thoughtful, insightful, precise, and multilayered.

—Bonnie Ditlevsen


When I started writing with Ariel I had zero idea how to write for audience. In work shopping with her, I have found my voice and with practice have found different ways to formulate story. I have learned how to incorporate dialogue and am so much more confident with my work. I recommend this workshop to all aspiring, practicing, and practiced writers.

—Krystee Sidwell


Hip Mama relaunch & The End of Eve national book tour

January 8th, 2014 by Ariel

Ariel Gore’s darkly comic new memoir, The End of Eve (Hawthorne Books, March, 2014) has been described as “Terms of Endearment” meets “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” Read the Kirkus review right here. And come to one of the readings… Her first big tour since she was hugely pregnant with Max & Gawker was all “Who does Ariel Gore think she is? Some preggo Proust?” She’ll be rested & un-preggo this time.


Thursday, February 27, Seattle, WAAWP Conference panel, Relationship Memoir: Living Through it, Seattle Sheraton, Room 202, 4:30 p.m.

Friday, February 28, Olympia, WA: Orca Books, The End of Eve reading with Rad Dad founding editor Tomas Moniz, 7 p.m.


MARCH, 2014

Sunday, March 2, Portland, OR: Hip Mama Relaunch, Readings, Mix & Mingle with Rad Dad Tomas Moniz, Reading Frenzy, 3628 N. Mississippi Ave., 4 pm – 6 pm

THE END OF EVE  – national book tour!

Monday, March 3, Portland, OR: THE END OF EVE official book launch! What!? Powell’s City of Books on W. Burnside, 7:30 pm

Tuesday, March 4,  Eugene, OR, Knight Library Browsing Room, University of Oregon, 1501 Kincaid, 7 pm

Wednesday, March 5, Spokane, WA: Auntie’s Bookstore, 7 pm

Thursday, March 6, Seattle, WA: The Elliott Bay Book Company, 7 pm

Thursday, March 13, Oakland, CA: Book Release Pub Party! Diesel Books, 7 pm

Wednesday, March 19, Philadelphia, PAWooden Shoe Books,7 pm

Thursday, March 20, Charlottesville, VA, Virginia Festival of the BookMemoirs: Not Your Typical American Stories, Central JMRL Library, 201 E. Market St., 4 p.m.

Friday, March 21, Baltimore, MD, Atomic Books, 7 p.m.

Saturday, March 22, New York, NY, Bluestockings, 7 pm

Sunday, March 23Amherst, MA Food For Thought Books, Time TBA

Friday, March 28, Santa Fe, NM, Op Cit Books, 6 pm


APRIL, 2014

Thursday, April 10, Pasadena: Vroman’s, Southern California’s oldest and largest independent bookstore, 7 pm


MAY, 2014

THE END OF EVE book tour continues


Tuesday, May 6, San Francisco: Radar Reading Series, San Francisco Public Library, main branch, 6 pm

Saturday, May 10, San Francisco: Writers with Drinks, The Make-Out Room, 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Tuesday, May 20, Portland, OR: Unchaste Readers: Basement of the Blue Monk on SE Belmont, 21+ venue, 8 pm

Be a part of the new Hip Mama

September 27th, 2013 by Ariel

Hip Mama Badge

Hip Mama magazine relaunches in print in 2014 with founding editor Ariel Gore.

$20 gets you a 4-issue subscription to the new Hip Mama

Or send us an old-fashioned check in the mail:
Hip Mama
P.O. Box 3555
Berkeley, CA 94703