Join us for the launch of WE WERE WITCHES by Ariel Gore

Magic spells and inverted fairy tales combat queer scapegoating, domestic violence, and high-interest student loans in We Were Witches by Ariel Gore

Sept 9 – Santa Fe – Collected Works – 6 pm
with Miriam Sagan
Sept 11 – Seattle – Elliot Bay – 7 pm
Sept 12 – Portland – Powell’s on Burnside – 7:30 pm
Sept 14 – New York – Bluestockings – 7 pm
Sept 15 – Brooklyn – Powerhouse Arena – 7 pm
with Katherine Arnoldi & Mutha Magazine
Sept 25 – Minneapolis – Moon Palace Books – 7 pm
Sept 26 – Iowa City – Prairie Lights – 7 pm
Oct 6 – Albuquerque – Book Works – 6 pm
ABQ Zine Fest Feature with Tomas Moniz
Oct 8 – Santa Fe – Op.Cit Books – 2 pm
with Barbara Robidoux & Tomas Moniz
Oct 21 – Baltimore – Atomic Books – 7 pm
We Were Witches is available for pre-order from your local independent bookstore

“Forget Freytag’s Pyramid (of Predictable Male Prose)—behold Gore’s Upside Down Triangle (of Fierce Feminist Narrative)! We Were Witches is its own genre, in its own canon.”

—Kate Schatz, author of Rad American Women A-Z


“Ariel Gore’s We Were Witches is one woman’s body refusing to become property, refusing to be overwritten by law or traditions, one woman’s body cutting open a hole in culture so that actual bodies might emerge. A triumphant body story. A singularly spectacular siren song.”

—Lidia Yuknavitch



“Ariel Gore’s We Were Witches is both magical and punk rock—the way it takes traditional values and traditional story structure to task, the way Gore’s protagonist, Ariel, uses witchy intelligence to resist a system totally against her.”

—Michelle Cruz Gonzales


We Were Witches seizes the shame and hurt internalized by young women and turns it into magic art and poetry. Ariel Gore’s writing is a diamond pentacle carved into a living heart, transforming singular experience into universal knowledge.”

—Susie Bright


“An incisive and engaging work of literary genius that never loses heart. Gore speaks with the brazen and tender voice of a neglected, hidden generation about hidden and vulnerable truths.”

—Lasara Firefox Allen


We Were Witches is raw and truthful, painfully funny, inspiring of outrage, and alive with the wonder and magic of a feminist awakening. One single mom becoming woke, struggling, and triumphing on her own outsider terms, We Were Witches is a new feminist classic, penned by one of the culture’s strongest authors at her most experimental and personal.”

—Michelle Tea



We Were Witches

Coming September 12. Pre-order now from The Feminist Press, from IndieBound, or from Amazon.



While you’re waiting, here’s your own little Witch Scout spell book—mostly blank, with some instructions. . .

$7 each (includes shipping)

Or 5 for $25 (U.S. delivery only)

New Mexico Autumn Retreat

Ariel Gore’s School for Wayward Writers Presents

The WitchFest Writing Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico

October 5-9, 2017

Affordable Sliding Scale

Join Us For . . .

Narrative Resistance Writing Workshops with Ariel Gore: We’ll formally meet for two 2-hour workshops where we’ll generate new work, experiment with genre and structure, take writing we’ve already drafted or new writing through thought-provoking revision stations, and break ourselves out of any worn-out limits. Bring something you’ve been working on or just show up with your computer–or pen and paper.

Publishing Skillshare with Rad Dad publisher and Indie-press author Tomas Moniz: A conversation / skillsharing discussion on the pros and cons of DIY publishing versus indie press publishing, book tour experiences, and marketing. Come ready to share your thoughts as well.

Chef-prepared traditional New Mexican family dinner (Yes, there will be green chile apple pie.)

ABQ Zine Fest — with optional space at the Wayward Writers exhibitor table — bring your zines and books!

Field trip to Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return.

We Were Witches book launch & Wayward Writers reading in Santa Fe and/or Albuquerque.


SLIDING SCALE $45 – $175

Includes writing workshops, publishing skillshare, chef’s family dinner, and space at the Wayward Writer’s table at the ABQ Zine Fest. Pay whatever you like or whatever you can.

Just click “donate” and input the amount you’ll pay. Don’t be shy. All are welcome.

Ticket for Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return will be $10-$18 additional.

Accommodations & transportation not provided, but we’ll figure out carpools, etc., to everything.

Workshops & dinner will take place on Osage Avenue near Frenchy’s Park.

* Scheduling details subject to change. Full schedule will be posted in late July. Email arielfiona at gmail dot com with any questions.

Suggested excursions that may require advance booking:
Ten Thousand Waves (
Talis Fortuna tattoo (
Santa Fe School of Cooking (
Ojo Caliente (one more hour north of Santa Fe—awesome excursion if you’re staying an extra day or two!)
Santa Fe, New Mexico is one hour northeast of Albuquerque and is served by the Albuquerque airport.

If you’re flying into Albuquerque, we recommend making a reservation on the Sandia Shuttle, renting a car, arranging with other participants to share a rental car, or catching the RailRunner train from Albuquerque to Santa Fe (train runs on a limited commuter schedule.)

We recommend planning to arrive in New Mexico by Thursday evening. Retreat activities begin on Friday and go through Monday morning.

Recommended lodging for those with a car—let’s take over this place. The housekeeper/handylady is a badass local artist: Suitable Digs

Blood-Red Bougainvillea – new Sunday essay in the Rumpus

I imagined my Gammie on the other end of the phone, her grey hair piled into a bun, a red silk scarf tied around it, her red-manicured nails clutching a Vodka tonic. Her skin was slightly darker than the rest of the women in our family, so she always joked about the milkman. “I can’t stand it,” she sighed now. “I’m the last Democrat in Orange County.”

I held the receiver away from my mouth so my Gammie wouldn’t hear the inhale and exhale of my cigarette.

“Darling,” she said. “You’re doing a marvelous job–as well as anyone could do–but children need fathers, don’t you agree?”

READ Blood-Red

The End of Eve


“The End of Eve had just about everything I ever want in a memoir: WTF plot events, almost-over-the-top characters that you never doubt are real, gorgeous and breathtaking moments of introspection, and wry humor.”

Book Riot


“How Ariel puts human tenderness on the page is an act of poetry damn close to sublime.”

—Tom Spanbauer

“An experienced journalist and writer across genre, Gore’s prose is both eloquent and spare. Ultimately, The End of Eve is Gore’s story—an account of the imaginative strategies she employs to survive and create—in which she demonstrates how, much of the time, for her anyway, surviving and creating are one and the same.”

—Los Angeles Review of Books


You can buy all of Ariel Gore’s books from your local independent bookseller or from Powell’s.

Or listen to the audio version–read by the author.